Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
Account registration at is required if you wish to join as an employer or a freelancer. is a freelancing site where employers and freelancers meet, connect, and work together via virtual space. provides a freelancing site for employers to post their projects and freelancers getting to work on them and get paid.
Register as an employer, and then you can post your job/project.
One needs to sign up and make their account of which will be subjected to approval from the management after thorough verification. works by allowing employers to register and post their projects and freelancers to join and get access to work on the posted jobs/projects.
No, joining as a freelancer is free of charge.
For freelancers, to join and work is free of charge. Employers need to register their profiles before posting their projects. But for their projects to be done, it needs a respective budget to enable the facilitation of the work.
Account registration at ehuduma is only required if you wish to publish your information so that users can View your details and make appointment wuith you. Searching for services, Profiles and making appointments does not require a user to register.
No, using this site is free of charge. You can create profiles and search for services for free but your agreement (between the service provider + service consumer) remains personal and you can agree/disagree to do business between you. eHuduma will not be responsible for any agreed business between you.