By Filbert Mulinda

Want a thriving business? You perhaps need to re-think the way you operate; think of working with freelancers. If your business falls short of resources and is in need of experts, you really need to join the fastest growing workforce in the world. The projection, for example, in the United States alone, freelancing is expected to be the majority workforce in 2027. So why not join this more fluid workforce?

Here is why it is a great business idea to hire a freelancer.

1. No overheads

You possibly think of the expenses that come when growing a business. Things like,

  • Needing a much larger space
  • Housing employees
  • Demanding contracts
  • Electricity and internet bills
  • Travel and holiday expenses
  • Putting up with unruly individuals
  • Expensive PDs
  • Training costs

Luckily employing a freelancer will save you from all these expenses since a freelancer working from home does not need to meet a lot of such overheads. Normally freelancers cover their expenses, say health care and other requirements and benefits. All they care about is getting your job done and done well.

2. Wider access to the talent pool

With freelancers, you are almost sure you can get the most suitable talent out there. You have the whole world applying for your job, which gives you the best option. Freelancers are known to be very skilled in specific expertise. There's always a professional freelancer for that one specific job. So with freelancers, you don't need to employ a full-time person for a one-time job since there is someone, a freelancer who will do your job and never cling to you.

3. You want your job done fast and perfectly

Freelancers rejoice in the excellent job and timely delivery. While you are enthusiastic about your job being done, freelancers are motivated to do it perfectly and deliver it on time. Freelancers rely heavily on your trust in them, and they want to keep that trust because it has so much in return. The speed of delivery and the quality of work are their greatest resources.

4. Easy Termination

Unlike full-time employees, Freelancers are relatively easy to terminate if they don't meet your expectations. There's no contract termination, which goes with a lot of legal procedures; there're no binding contract terms. You are free to move to another freelancer if you are dissatisfied.

5. You are relieved of hovering over employees

Another great advantage of hiring a freelancer is zero supervision. You're not bound to walking around to see what your employees are doing, if they are adhering to your code of conduct and standard practice, things like dress codes and the like. A freelancer will do your job quickly and well without you having to be there.

6. No risk of company defamation

Some full-time employees may sometimes put your company's reputation at risk. This is why you constantly need to keep them well informed of the company's code of conduct at all costs. One of the advantages of hiring a freelancer is that you won't have to worry about company reputation damage since these people are not anyhow attached to your company, so their personal lives and practices are not anyhow associated with your company or business.

7. Setting your own time

Freelancers enjoy the flexibility of time. They love setting their own working time, which in turn benefits you. Therefore on your busy schedule, you can just email a freelancer on a specific job and order the delivery the next day. You don't need to spend your night in the office to finish the job since there's a person out there who can do that job on that very night.

8. Solution for your short-term project

You may have difficulties employing someone for a project that will last for one week or two. It may be challenging to establish payment methods that will suit that time frame. The good news is that freelancers are specialists of short-term projects, and they live by that. They're specially suited for such short-term projects like content writing, graphic designing and website development.

Hiring freelancers is the business model of the 21st century, where great talents are tapped easily and utilised. It's a model that many companies are currently using with great results.


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